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is waec's educational social media platform, a digital system for
learning, sharing of information, collaboration and many more like...

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AI Assistant

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can candidates register on WAECKONNECT?
Candidate should click the REGISTER button, hence they can either use their REGISTRATION NUMBER, YEAR OF THE EXAM and EXAM SERIES or indicate the EXAM YEAR, EXAM SERIES, SURNAME, OTHER NAMES and DATE OF BIRTHDAY in the registration fields to get onboard
WAECKONNECT is mainly for WAEC candidates that have registered for the current WASSCE for School or WASSCE for Private Exams.
What can candidates do on WAECKONNECT?
  • Can candidates join forum to view discussions and engage on discussions posted.
  • Candidates can view scholarship opportunity posted on the platform.
  • Candidates can view career tips/guide
  • Candidates can create Topics under Registered Subjects and when approved, others will join in the discussion.
  • Candidates can chat with other Candidates
  • Candidates can view Academic Content.
  • Candidates can respond to Feedback/Survey from the Council
  • Candidates can view Announcement posted by the Council.
  • Candidates can read Book Review regularly posted on the platform.
  • How do I join a CHAT?
    You can either join an already created chat group by clicking on the group chat menu or you create a new chat that others can join by clicking on Create Chat.
    What is ACTIVITY FEED?
    The activity feed interface displays all the various activities or engagement on the platform to enable candidates view at a glance.
    What is the purpose of BOOK REVIEW?
    The book review entails a summarized view of a book (literature), this is to give candidates insight into the scope and plot of the book.
    What can I do with the AI ASSISTANCE?
    The WAECKONNECT AI assistant is a virtual assistant that candidates can use while on the platform to quickly solve problems while learning or preparing for their examination. Candidate can type any question into it and it will provide a quick response. NOTE: answers provided by AI assistant aren't final and aren't from WAEC, candidates can do better to make further research and learning.
    What is the FEEDBACK for?
    The feedback feature is a survey tool the WAEC Council has created to enable candidates give their opinion and perception on areas of concerns
    Can a candidate request for topic under a subject?
    Yes! A candidate can request for topics by simply clicking on Request Topic and providing information in the text box and this will be approved by the admin.
    What can I do with the DISCUSSION FORUM
    The discussion forum allows candidates to have meaningful conversation on a plethora of topics as it relates to their examinations and life after examination. Candidates can suggest topics for discussion and it would be approved upon admin review or they can join already existing discussions.
    is the WAECKONNECT system FREE?
    Yes! Candidates are not charged any fee to use the WAECKONNECT platform.
    Does WAECKONNECT have a mobile app?
    Yes! Candidates can download the WAECKONNECT MOBILE from their respective application stores be it iOS or Play-Store. The same login applies for web and mobile.

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